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(Editor:Jack 2/13/2015)
Welcome to quickgamer’s Temple Run: Oz walkthrough guide for beginners.Here we introduce you guides to this game.

This is the action game you get when you mix Temple Run and the film Oz, the endless survival game. Remember that the latest update includes the land Winkie Country, which changes the scenario if you get tired of the default one.

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  • Magic Magnet [attract coins to you]
  • Fireworks [distract enemies for a change at gems]
  • Coin Bonus [instant 50 coin bonus]
  • Score Bonus [a score bonus that increases with your multiplier]
  • Finley’s Boost [finley boosts you ahead safely]
  • Shield [protection from one obstable, comes by default]
  • Double Coins [Double Coins appear after XXXXm. Use gem to reveal triple coins for a run]
  • Popwerups [Increase time of powerups by X%. Use gem to double the time of powerup]
  • Coin Meter [Fill coin meter X% faster. Use gem to fill the coin meter 2x as fast]
  • Start Discount [Head starts are 5% cheaper. Use a gem and head starts go further]
  • Multiplier [Increase bonus multiplier. Use gem to douple the multiplier ability]
  • Head Start [boost ahead 1000m]
  • Mega Headstart [boost ahead 2500m]
  • Fly to Winkie [relax and let Finley fy you to Winkie Country]
  • Fly To Dark Forest [take a walk on the wild side with a trip to dark forest]
  • Fly to Whimsie [Tired of running? Take a ride to Whimsie woods]
  • Run Multiplier [5x multiplier added for the run]
  • Show Pickups [reveals pickups during run]
  • Stumble Proof [Prevents Oz from stumbling]
If you go to the store and tap on “World of Oz, you can not only download the HD assets for your iPad, but also the content pack to visit the Dark Forest and Winkie Country for free. You will also get 3 gems for free if you do it. In case you are wondering how do you get to Winki Country or Dark Forest, you can do using two methods; One of them is running for long enough until the big signs pointing the direction to the new areas appear, and reaching the time travel tunnel, or by purchasing the teleport through an utility for a considerable amount of coins.

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