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Temple Run: Oz Beginner’s Guide

(Editor:Liam 8/25/2015)

Temple Run: Oz Beginner’s Guide

Temple Run Oz is one of the top adventurous games available for Android smartphones. But, scoring big in this game is not so easy. One needs to be an expert to break even some simple records. In this article I will share you how to play  Temple Run Oz more easily and score very high in this game.

Welcome to Temple Run: Oz walkthrough guide for beginners. This is the game you get when you mix Temple Run and the film Oz, the endless survival game. Remember that the latest update includes the land Winkie Country, which changes the scenario if you get tired of the default one.

How To Play

  • Swipe Up to jump and avoid obstacles in the ground, like plants and holes
  • Swipe Down to slide and pass below elevated objects like fallen trees and flying gargoyles
  • Swipe Left/Right to turn in corners
  • Tilt the device to the left or right to make your character move to the sides. This is not only to collect coins, but also to run through narrowed paths.
  • One missed corner or object is enough for your character to lose the run, unless you are using a special power-up or using the filled up meter
  • By collecting coins, you will fill up the meter on the top left corner of the screen. Once the meter is filled up, you can use it as a sort of shield to become immune to obstacles and gargoyles.
  • Each time you see the hot air ballon, chase it, once you reach it you will start playing a sort of second game mode, in which you just have to tilt your balloon to the right or left to avoid the crystals and obtain the coins.

If you swipe down in the wron moment, your character will slow down and the gargoyles that are chasing you from behing will get closer.

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