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Top tips and tricks to play Temple Run Oz more efficiently

(Editor:Shing 8/18/2015)

Top tips and tricks to play Temple Run Oz more efficiently

Temple Run Oz is one of the top adventurous games available for Android smartphones. But, scoring big in this game is not so easy. One needs to be an expert to break even some simple records. In this article I will share some tips and tricks to play Temple Run Oz more easily and score very high in this game.

Gaming has become a very essential part for a person in today's stressful life. They give us a short time relaxation and refreshment and free our brains from the all sorts of tension and stress.  In this article, I am going to share some of the tips and tricks based on my personal experience to play one of the world's most popular games i.e. the Temple Run Oz more efficiently and score very high. So, let's start with the tricks or you can say tips to play Temple Run Oz more easily.

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Get full control over the game with a strong hand

Many of us get irritated when we fall in just a hundred meters in the game. This is not really a reason to get irritated. Every expert has sometime been a beginner! So do not panic, just get a proper grip on the game controls by the perfect calibration of the sensors. This is a personal setting which cannot be done by just playing Temple Run Oz 2 or 3 times. For some players, it takes a day and for some it can take weeks. When you get a good hold on the game controls, you can move on to the next tip.

Do not look at the character in the game

The big mistake I realized the players make in this game is that they keep looking at the character of the game and do not bother to look what is coming in front of them. So as the speed of the character increases, they fail to judge the surrounding and hit obstructions and fall. This is the main reason why many of the beginners are not able to make a good score in Temple Run Oz game. So do not look at the character, just observe its movements and focus mainly on the upcoming obstructions in your way.

Use the Gems to save your life

Sometimes a player scores a lot in the game and is on the verge of breaking the records but luck doesn't allow him to do so. In such conditions you can quickly tap the 'SAVE ME' button and your game will resume from where you fell. But, you cannot use the Gems again and again because for every fall in the game, the requirement of saving your life with the help of Gems is doubled, that means if you fall 5 times in a single game, you will need to pay about 32 gems which is not a easy number to collect as the gems are rarely found in this game.

Use power ups to boost the score

While running in the game, you will find some strange icons flashing in the mid-way. Go across them to collect them. They will help you in increasing your score, getting more coins to use the in the store to buy some special item. Power ups are really a great source of scoring more but for those who know how and where to use them get most of the benefits from them. Some power ups come automatically in your way while playing the game and some can be bought from the game store.

Collect many Gems and use them in a single game

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This is the most effective trick to score high in Temple Run Oz. All you need to do is play many games, over and over again and you will find almost 2 - 3 Gems per game. So, if you play about 50 games, you will be able to collect about 100-150 Gems. After collecting that much Gems, you can prepare yourself for playing a single game in which you can use all the collected Gems whenever you fall and hence you can score very high and beat all the highest records made by your competitors. 


For beginners I must say that this is not the game in which you can score from the first play. You need to practice a lot to become an expert as it is not a mind game, it is a concentration and control game and really needs a great patience to score high in this amazing game from Disney Imangni Studios. So apply these tips and if you need any sort of assistant related to this game, don't hesitate to put your query in the response box below.

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